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Hyper Realism Brows


About this Course

Introducing the Hyper Realism Machine Stroke Course: Elevate Your Eyebrow Artistry to Unprecedented Realism
The Hyper Realism Machine Stroke course is a game-changer in the world of permanent makeup. This course focuses on mastering the technique of creating hyper-realistic eyebrow enhancements using the power of machine strokes. It sets itself apart from other popular techniques like microblading and powder brows by offering an unparalleled level of precision and lifelike results.

Unlike microblading, which uses a manual handheld tool to create individual hair strokes, the Hyper Realism Machine Stroke technique harnesses the precision and control of a PMU machine. This allows for more intricate and precise strokes, resulting in eyebrow enhancements that closely resemble natural hairs. The machine’s ability to adjust depth, speed, and pressure enhances the realism of the final result, giving clients eyebrows that are virtually indistinguishable from their own.

Similarly, the Hyper Realism Machine Stroke technique differs from powder brows, which focus on creating a soft, powdered effect on the eyebrows. Instead, it aims to recreate the appearance of individual hairs with remarkable accuracy. By meticulously layering and blending pigments using the machine, you will have the power to produce astonishingly realistic and three-dimensional brow designs that enhance facial features and create a natural-looking finish.

what you WILL learn

  • Hyper Realism Machine Stroke Technique
  • Depth Control and Angle Variation
  • Color Blending for Realistic Results
  • Needle Configurations for Precision
  • Customizing Brow Designs
  • Color Theory and Pigment Selection
  • Skin Types and Pigment Application
  • Facial Anatomy Analysis
  • Sterilization and Hygiene Practices
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Client Consultation and Communication
  • Effective Aftercare Instructions

Hyper Realism Brows

with kit

1200 $ (one time fee)

4 days online sessions

4 months support

Practice Kit included

Items included in this package kit are as follow:
  • PMU Rotary Machine
  • PMU Cartridges (one box)
  • Practice Pigment
  • Measurement Divider
  • Pigment Cups
  • Practice Latex

without kit

900 $ (one time fee)

4 days online sessions

4 months support

No Kit included


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