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Eye & Brow Tint


About this Course

Brow and eyeliner tinting is a non-invasive makeup technique that aims to enhance the appearance of the eyebrows and eyeliner or eyeshadow. This procedure does not involve the use of needles or tattooing and provides a temporary color enhancement that typically lasts up to 1 month. Through the application of specialized tinting products, the eyebrows can be given a more defined shape, while the eyeliner or eyeshadow can be intensified for a more dramatic look. Brow and eyeliner tinting offers a convenient and low-maintenance option for clients who prefer not to or cannot undergo permanent makeup procedures, allowing them to enjoy enhanced brows and eye makeup effects without the need for daily application.

what you WILL learn

  • Introduction to Brow and Eyeliner Tinting
  • Understanding Tinting Products and Formulations
  • Color Theory and Color Selection
  • Tools and Equipment for Brow and Eyeliner Tinting
  • Client Consultation and Patch Testing
  • Brow Shaping and Design Techniques
  • Eyeliner or Eyeshadow Application Techniques
  • Safety Precautions and Hygiene Practices
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • Hands-on Practice with Brow and Eyeliner Tinting
  • Client Communication and Relationship Building

Eye & Brow Tint

with kit

800 $ (one time fee)

2 days online sessions

4 months support

Practice Kit included

Items included in this package kit are as follow:
  • Brow And Eye Tinting products( various of shades)
  • Tinting Brushes and Applicators
  • Tinting Bowls or Dishes
  • Protective Eye Shields or Pads
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Micro Brushes or Cotton Swabs
  • Drawing Mapping Pencils
  • Measurement Divider
  • Practice Materials
  • Eyebrow Scissors & Tweezer

without kit

450 $ (one time fee)

2 days online sessions

4 months support

No Kit included


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