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Microfusion Brows


About this Course

Introducing the MicroFUSION Course: The Special and Most Wanted Course at Fusion Academy
We are thrilled to present the MicroFUSION course, an exceptional and highly sought-after training program exclusively offered at Fusion Academy. This course has been meticulously crafted to provide students with the ultimate learning experience by combining three popular eyebrow enhancement techniques: Powder Brows, Hyper-Realistic Brows, and Microblading. Here’s why this full portion course is the perfect
option for aspiring PMU artists:

    • Comprehensive Skill Set
    • Enhanced Creativity andCustomization
    • In-Demand Expertise
    • Time and Cost Deficiency
    • Industry Recognitions
The MicroFUSION course at Fusion Academy provides an unrivaled opportunity to excel in the world of permanent makeup. By enrolling in this special and most wanted course, you’ll gain a comprehensive skill set, enhance your creativity, meet industry demands, save time and costs, and earn a reputable certification. Take the leap and become a well-rounded PMU artist capable of delivering extraordinary results.

what you WILL learn

Powder Brows Technique

    • Color theory and pigment selection
    • Shading and blending techniques
    • Proper needle selection
    • Achieving optimal brow symmetry

Hyper-Realistic Brows Technique

    • Creating realistic hair strokes
    • Understanding skin types and depth control
    • Achieving a natural 3D effect
    • Advanced micro-pigmentation techniques

Microblading Technique

    • Eyebrow design and measuring techniques
    • Stroke patterns and hand positioning
    • Crisp and precise results
    • Sterilization and hygiene protocols

Eyebrow Design Principles

    • Eyebrow design for different face shapes
    • Achieving symmetry and proportion
    • Customization for client preferences


Safety, Hygiene, and Sterilization:

    • Maintaining a sterile work environment
    • Safety protocols during procedures
    • Preventing cross-contamination

Troubleshooting and Aftercare:

    • Common challenges and their solutions
    • Optimizing healing and long-term results
    • Aftercare instructions for clients

Business and Marketing:

    • Establishing a PMU eyebrow business
    • Marketing strategies and branding
    • Client consultation and communication skills


    • Photo editing
    • Professional photo shoots (using recommended micro-lense)


Microfusion Brows

with kit

2500 $ (one time fee)

10 days online sessions

1 year support

Practice Kit included

Items included in this package kit are as follow:

  • Microblading Handheld Tool
  • Microblading Blades (various sizes)
  • PMU Rotary Machine
  • PMU Cartridges (one box)
  • Practice Pigment
  • Measurement Divider
  • Pigment Cups
  • Practice Latex
  • Modifier Pigments

without kit

1800 $ (one time fee)

10 days online sessions

1 year support

No Kit included


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