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3d Pixeled Lips


About this Course

The 3D Pixel Lips course, led by Master Sara Rashti, is an advanced training program that focuses on teaching the techniques and skills needed to create natural-looking and dimensional lip enhancements through micropigmentation. Master Sara Rashti, a renowned expert in the field, shares her expertise and knowledge with students, guiding them through the innovative approach of pixelated lip shading. By mastering this technique under the guidance of a respected master, students will gain valuable insights and hands-on experience to provide their clients with beautifully enhanced lips that appear fuller, more defined, and harmoniously pigmented, while maintaining a natural and realistic appearance. This comprehensive course with Master Sara Rashti as the instructor ensures that students receive top-tier training, equipping them with the expertise to excel in the field of micropigmentation and deliver transformative yet natural-looking lip enhancements to their clients.

what you WILL learn

  • Lip Anatomy and Structure
  • Color Theory and Pigment Selection for Pixel Lips
  • Pixelated Lip Shading Techniques
  • Lip Shape Analysis and Customization
  • Micropigmentation Machine and Needle Selection
  • Achieving Precision in Pixelation
  • Gradient Blending and Soft Transitions
  • 3D Shading Techniques for Dimension and Depth
  • Blending Multiple Colors for Natural Effects
  • Color Correction for Discolored and dark lips
  • Client Consultation and Communication
  • Pain Management Techniques for Lip Procedures
  • Post-Treatment Care for Pixel Lips


with kit

1400 $ (one time fee)

6 days online sessions

4 months support

Practice Kit included

Items included in this package kit are as follow:

  • PMU Rotary Machine
  • PMU Cartridges (one box)
  • Pigment Set
  • Measurement Divider
  • Pigment Cups
  • Practice Latex
  • Modifier Pigments

without kit

900 $ (one time fee)

6 days online sessions

4 months support

No Kit included


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