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Master Class Training


About this Course

The Master Training Class is an exclusive program designed for experienced artists around the world who have been accepted into our academy and achieved a 4-star rating. This unique course provides a fast-track opportunity for these artists to become masters in their field. Instead of going through the traditional progression of intermediate and advanced courses, artists who meet the criteria can directly enroll in the Master Training Class. This intensive program focuses on refining their skills and equipping them with the necessary expertise to become respected masters. By completing this course, artists can accelerate their journey and assume a leadership role within our academy, sharing their knowledge and training new students. It is an exceptional opportunity for talented artists to advance their career and make a significant impact in the world of permanent makeup.

what you WILL learN

  • Teaching Offline Classes
  • Teaching Online Classes
  • Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Management and Engagement
  • Workshop Organization
  • Assessing Student Progress
  • Creating Supportive Learning Materials
  • Effective Communication and Feedback
  • Online Instructional Technologies
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Teaching
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Commitment to Academy’s Values and Mission
  • Academy’s Rules and Standards

stars program

What is Star Program?

In our academy, artists have the opportunity to achieve stars as a recognition of their skills and achievements in the field of permanent makeup. After receiving their first certificate, artists can continue to upgrade their stars as their work progresses. If an artist's skills and work demonstrate a mastery level that aligns with the criteria for the master program, they can enroll and upgrade their stars accordingly.

What happens after I receive my first star?

Experienced artists who have already achieved their first certificate can showcase their work and expertise to be evaluated for a higher star rating. If their work reflects the level of a master and they possess the necessary experience and quality work, they can potentially earn one, two or even three stars right away. The evaluation process considers various factors such as skill level, industry experience, portfolio quality, client satisfaction, and the strength of their social media presence.

What If I am already an experienced artist . How can I join the academy?

If you already have substantial experience in the field of permanent makeup and believe that your work reflects the level of a master, you have the opportunity to apply for your 4-star certificate right away. We understand that talent knows no boundaries, and we are thrilled to embrace artists from any corner of the globe.

How to apply?

To apply for your 4-star certificate, we invite you to introduce yourself and share your professional background, including details of your experience and accomplishments. Our dedicated team will carefully review your application and assess your work based on our stringent criteria.


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